VA Medical Center (Waco, TX)

VA Medical Center (Waco, TX)

Today’s Washington Post has a column worth reading about the Office of Special Counsel honoring three Department of Veterans Affairs employees for their whistleblowing, while noting that retaliating officials still too often escaping punishment.

One of the whistleblowers comments that he believes he would have suffered retaliation had he not had a lawyer. “Knowing he had an attorney–and a good one–made his supervisors ‘very reluctant to take any overt acts against me,'” writes columnist Joe Davidson, quoting retired VA employee Charles Sherwood.

Our firm is experienced in representing whistleblowers, dating back to protecting someone who testified to Congress in 1996 about the Citizenship USA scandal, to more recently assisting an EPA Special Agent in her testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. We also represent multiple employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs on issues that include whistleblowing and EEO retaliation.

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