The Washington Post is sounding the alarm about high turnover rates at the Department of Homeland Security. The accounts in the article are consistent with many things our firm has observed.  We would add two things: (1) in many cases the turnover has been the result of poor management; and (2) if DHS wants to stop so many of its employees leaving for jobs at contractors that pay more, how about starting by contracting fewer things out?

DHS does have some good leaders, even at the top and near the top, but the same cannot be said for everyone further down the chain of command.

We represent many DHS employees, from Special Agents, to managers, to those in components like CIS who process immigration forms for a living. Our first federal employee client in the mid-1990s in fact worked for INS, one of the predecessor agencies to DHS. Our DHS (and formerly INS) clients have come to us everywhere from Alaska to California, Texas to Virginia, and even Rome, Italy.