house oversightJust when you thought bipartisanship was dead, Government Executive is reporting that the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform has approved a bill with sponsors including the Committee Chair  (a Republican) and the Ranking Member (a Democrat). The bill would allow agency Inspector Generals to issue subpoenas under limited circumstances. You can follow further House action on the bill (H.R. 5492–The Inspector General Empowerment Act) at this congressional website.

You may remember that our firm accompanied one of our clients to testify to the Committee in May 2014 on a panel about obstruction of OIGs by agency management. We applaud the Committee’s unified effort to make sure that Inspector Generals have the independence and authority they need to rid government of waste, fraud, and abuse. Let’s hope the bill can make it through the House and Senate and on to the President’s desk in the period between now and the end of the year.

Update 9/22/2014: Here’s the Committee’s release on the subject.