This photo is from a sign encouraging people to lease space about a mile from our DC office. We’ll assume the landlord is international and so used a period where a comma was intended.
If it does mean around 9,000 rather than around 9, what’s a potential client to do? Read 9,000 websites? Visit 9,000 offices? Curse the legal system and give up? (By the way, Angie’s List won’t do lawyer reviews.)

The vast majority of our clients come to us on a recommendation from another attorney or one or their friends or colleagues. A number go from that to visiting the website before calling.

When you need an attorney, we recommend you do a combination of checking with friends/colleagues, doing Internet research, and asking attorneys you already may know whom they recommend to handle your particular type of problem. The less routine your issue, the more likely you will need someone with years of experience in a particular field (like business disputes or federal employee law). Also ask about hourly rates and a free initial consultation to avoid surprises.

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