Day in the Life of a Whistleblower

Curious about a day in the life of a federal employee whistleblower?  About how life changes after you report what you believe to be wrongdoing to your agency’s Inspector General?

Wonder no more. When a client working in the NIST Police Services Group blew the whistle, he came back to work to find two items taped to his computer screen.

One has the highlighted Wikipedia entry for “libel” (how’s that for a subtle “shut up or else”?).

The other item is a memo from the supervisor, setting out changes in job requirements.  As you might guess, they aren’t ones that make the employee’s job easier.

Here’s a round of applause for government employees who speak out for the interests of the taxpayer and the safety of the public, though fully aware it means they will face petty acts like those pictured above in response.