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Perhaps you haven’t been in this situation before.  That’s fine–many of our clients are loyal, hard-working feds who have given years of their lives to Uncle Sam, only to be surprised all that is now at risk.

You may have been proposed for discipline based on allegations you know are not true.  You may have blown the whistle and now face retaliation rather than appreciation for trying to make things better.  Perhaps you were non-selected based on an explanation that can’t be aligned with your qualifications or the facts surrounding the process.

These various scenarios may require you to appear before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), file a complaint before the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), defend yourself at the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), testify to Congress, make disclosures to your agency’s OIG or the media, go to federal court, or some combination of those.

Delay in hiring an attorney may seem like a way of saving money, but as with delay in seeing a doctor for a serious medical condition, you may end up costing yourself much, much more in the long run.  You may miss a deadline or file with the wrong office and find you completely lose the opportunity to complain about what is happening.

David Schleicher has been representing federal employees since 1996, and prior to that worked in government relations in Washington, D.C. Having managed employees in that position and later serving for six years on a school board where he heard employee appeals, David understands both what the employee is going through and the approach most likely to work with an official who is responding to your situation.

He has accompanied people to testify before Congress and taken on a variety of federal agencies around the country and overseas. His legal work has been covered in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Federal Times, Dallas Morning News, and by many other media outlets.

Kristofer Schleicher works with us on cases involving federal employees in the Atlanta area.  His legal background, including work for a federal judge, and political experience also provide useful insight into what works and why.

Look at comments volunteered by some of our clients.  If you are looking for a lawyer to do a lot of yelling to make you feel better, rather than to really focus on solving your problems, then we are not the firm for you.

There is a reason that opposing government attorneys later have referred clients to us and even come to us themselves–the same reason that we have represented more than a handful of federal prosecutors:  our reputation for fixing things rather than putting on a show.

There are lawyers who think it is somehow inappropriate to end up being friends with clients.  We believe it is possible to remain objective while providing valuable counsel, in a way that happens to mean we have clients who fifteen years later still stay in touch.

We maintain a national practice of representing federal employees without any significant advertising other than this website and sponsoring some local public radio programming.  We can do so because recommendations from others is how we get the vast majority of our clients.  Ask around, compare, and then give us a call.

testifying to congress

David Schleicher (second row, second from right) accompanying a client in 2014 for testimony to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

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